Details of WAV Interior

Concept development

Each project is an opportunity to create unique concept that is appropriate for the client, users and context. WAV Interior brings to every project

  • A sense of place,
  • An understanding of the physical, cultural and psychological needs of people, and
  • An emphasis on the quality of experience within a space. The most satisfying solutions meet the Programmatic requirements, but are also beautiful, layered with meaning, and rich with ideas that are expressed in volume, form, light, and color and materials.


WAV Interior develops practical design solutions that help people live and work better. Information gathered in the programming stage is analyzed to identify efficient and effective designs strategies that support the client’s goals. We engage clients, stakeholders and team members in a participatory, multi-disciplinary approach to accomplish aesthetic, functional and cost-effective design solutions.



Research and application of sustainable design is integral to every project. Our approach prioritizes occupant health and well-being, emphasizing indoor air and light quality. We design for longevity, incorporating energy and resource efficiency, durability, and adaptability.WAV Interior has extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of rating systems.


WAV Interior was incorporated in 2008 and celebrating 9th years of successful working excellence with national award from Boreu of Anti- Corruption and Information Ministry.


Research into new materials and technologies results in innovative and integrated solutions. WAV Interior maintains extensive up and virtual libraries of products and resources including sector-specific advances. Vector works, render works, AutoCAD and sketch up are utilized to Produce documentation.


WAV Interior has professionals on staff and engaged as consultants, representing a wide range of experience in the disciplines of Interior Design, Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Branding, Graphic Design.

Directors & Associates
Architectural Department

Nurul Ialsm
Chief Executive
Thanvir Ahmed Shaon
Diretor of Practice
Chief Architect : Maruf Alam Partho (AUST)
Senior Architect : Khwaja Mohammad Kalimullah (BUET)
Architect : Mahamudur Rahman Joy (UAP)
Architect : Foysal Zaman (UAP)
Architect : Rifat Ara Anika (UAP)


Wav Interior is the top best interior design decoration company in Bangladesh providing “Turnkey Basis interior design decoration solution of a project, execute a full complement of design decoration service specially expertise to the residential, commercial, industrial, corporate & hospitality sectors – including apartment, office, showroom, restaurant, hotel, resort, clinic, hospital, parlor saloon, studio, amusement park, theme park etc.

Contact Details

Wav Interior
Address: House No-371, Road No-28, DOHS,
Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh
Fax:02 9660872